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Saturday, June 30, 2007


At last the summer has arrived along with a 2 months long vacation, wherein I find myself without much to do.
Most of my friends have already gone somewhere, the rest are either busy or even more lazy than myself, so basically i don't have anything to do until the evenings. So i figured it would be a good idea to start my blog back up.
Even as most of the people I know, including other people than my friends, most of have summer as a favourite part of the year, sitting inside or outside, bored for the most of the time, i'm not so sure, also I'm painting our fence which is turning out to be even more boring than i ever imagined, and after a 2 day test, i showed symptoms of a mix of mild tourettes and a less aggresive ADHD than perhaps what most of you think of when the term ADHD comes up. I don't have a sufficient vocabulary in english to explain exactly what troubles this presents for me, but I cannot do anything without reason or motivation, instead of what would seem like regular laziness to most people but it is close to impossible for me to do something that I am unmotivated to do.

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