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Friday, December 01, 2006

Completed open blog section of my site :D

Yes, I already know that I'm a very talented man, yes, thank you, no, do not praise me to much for my incredible work..
What is all this fuss about ? Well I managed to custom write a blog script for my use and apply in less than one day.
Not only that, but I also had to mess with the design, and deal with minor(and huge) bugs as I kept going, but nontheless.
Now I am done, finito, finished, my work is completed, now all I need is for someone to post something in my open blog, it will be seen rotating on blogsoldiers, blogexplosion and hopefully blogmad also.
Where you can post:
Thank you for your time.. Will be back soon with some more extremely creative content :)

Warm regards,


Posted by Ragnar @ 2:58 PM

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Impressive that looks as though it has taken a lot of work.

Hope people make use of it and join in !

Posted by Anonymous Nicola @ 3:29 AM #

I must confess that that is my standard template for all "retardus" categorized sites.. All that is different is the header.. And thank you.. With time I hope the site will help bloggers from all over to "get discovered" :P

Posted by Blogger Ragnar @ 8:51 AM #
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