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Friday, September 08, 2006

The dilemmas of life../Open Post

Have you ever had the feeling that if you took the opportunity and did what you really wanted, it would have dire consequenses later on in your life?
(I feel like that all day long, I mean, I wanna kill all those bastard arrogant teachers that think they're smarter than me, but I refrain from doing so simply because of the cosequences.. I'm actually quite proud :p)
Its not always about as dailyday things as wanting to kill your teachers though, you might for example, get a new job offer, or get a publishing offer from two publishing companies.(or having to choose between two of your favourite dinner choices.. :D)
This is actually my first open post, simply because I want to post SOMETHING in my blog today but I'm at what I call, a Creative breakdown..
Anyhow, I want to hear a little about your dailyday dillemas, or out of the ordinary dilemmas, and if you have a post on the dilemmas of life I'll be glad to read it..
So please, use this opportunity to talk about, almost everything(even tell me how much you like/hate my blog), and market your name and blog at the same time :)

The President of the UPD (United Posts of Dust on a Dusty Road)

Posted by Ragnar @ 12:17 PM

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interesting blog. You are Dr. John's link for the day so expect visitors

Posted by Blogger Cindy @ 5:06 AM #

To click or not to click? That was the choice I had to make this morning. Do I stay at Dr. John's blog or do I venture out of my normal blog-reading zone and check out his link of the day?

Posted by Blogger Stacy @ 5:25 AM #

My dilemma is the mysterious and invisable to only me, "Kick Me" note that must be taped to my backside. =O)

(Stopping by to visit from the Dr. John Mothership so I can gather samples for scientific study.)


Posted by Blogger Margaret @ 7:01 AM #

wow nice blog here from dr.johns nice guy

Posted by Anonymous Crazy Object B. @ 7:03 AM #

I am NOT here from Dr. John. I don't think he likes me anyway.

I am here because I think you are a twisted little monkey.

And that is a good thing.

Posted by Blogger Mr. Fabulous @ 8:11 AM #

My daily dilema -- students full of more hubris than sense who think they are smarter than anyone else in the whole world.

Now, while it is true that some of them may very well have higher IQs than I, that doesn't mean there isn't someting I can teach them -- even fools can provide genuises lessons in life. We all have different measures of experience and different points of view.

My job as a teacher is to open minds, not to close them. The job of a student is to try to learn all s/he can from anyone she can.

Posted by Blogger QuillDancer @ 9:14 AM #

my dilemma of the day is whether to get online or clean my house, you see which one I picked! I like your blog....it looks like fun!! and I am here because Dr John has made you link of the day!! but I will be back again on my own! I have bookmarked your page....have a great weekend!

Posted by Blogger Catch @ 9:48 AM #

Quilldancer is a visitor for Dr. John's too. I love her comment. Most of the time I'd classify myself as the fool.. it's nice to think I may provide someone a lessons in life.

Posted by Blogger Sue @ 3:17 PM #

Quill - I don't think I'm smarter than my teachers, well most of them anyway..
But some of them can be such bastards at times.. Lik when dealing out extra homework because we're doing good :S I just want to do the set up schedule for the year and be done with it..

Posted by Blogger Ragnar @ 3:56 PM #

Hey, Ragnar! Thanks for stopping by my humble blog. I see my brother (Mr. Fab) has been to visit you. Who is Dr. John? I am here voting for you on BEx.

Posted by Blogger Shelli @ 5:11 PM #

Hmmmm, nothing out of the ordinary here. I often consider things that seem good at the time but damn well know it will be bad later on, I guess it's one of those dilemas.

(BTW: If you're a gamer with a 360, Dead Rising owns!)

Posted by Anonymous reaper @ 5:15 PM #

I had a very smart teacher who once told me, if you are intelligent, people know, you do not need to go around telling them. Why open your mouth and prove you are ignorant......

I have often thought about that........when i was about to say something stupid.

Teachers are like everyone else, human, but some of them actually kow what they are talking about if you choose to listen.

I don't need an intelligence test. Dr. John said so......

Posted by Blogger Nea @ 5:46 PM #

Ragnar -- I am very glad you said that. Some teachers -- myself inclusded -- do get over zealous when gifted with a group of high achieving students. We want to take you as far as you can go, to make certain you become the most incredible person you can be.

I make it a policy to never assign homework on weekends. If the students work hard in class all week long they deserve the weekend off -- after all, I get one.

I also make it a point to listen to my students. If they are disgruntled they will stop trying. There is a fine line between challenged and overwhelmed.

Posted by Blogger QuillDancer @ 5:54 PM #


I really enjoy reading your blog, well done!! In fact If I were you I would go to http://www.autosurfmonster.com and submit this blog so thousands of others can see it for free. well, I look forward to all the updates. thanks again"


Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 8:28 PM #

You have an interesting blog and I can't say I hate it. I did the vote too. It is true, sometimes we think of what if I had been this or that, what would life be? I sometimes do it too. Not that I'm regretting what I am now. It's just sometimes you feel curious of things that might have happened if you'd pursue what you really wanted.
I'm glad Dr. John linked you for today. It was such a pleasure reading your post.

Posted by Blogger FRIDAY'S CHILD @ 8:29 PM #

Quill(again)- I'd love to have you for my main English teacher..
Margaret- Lol
Mr. Fabulous - How's that a good thing?
Catch - I'd do the same :D
Sue - The fool is the one who walks around thinking he/she knows better than anyone else.
Shelli - I appreciate all votes allthough I don't need the credits,:p Traffic delivery is very slow atm..
And your blog will not stay humble for long if you led Mr. Fab redesign it :p
Nea - I agree with that teacher, why open your mouth to say something that will be considered a lie, even if you know it is the truth yourself?
Friday- I'm glad you don't regret anything in life, it would be a poor thing if your life was filled only with regrets, I'm glad you don't hate my blog..

Thanks to all commenters, and to dr. john.
And thanks for contributing to this blog by joining in on the open open post..
I'll try to check in on all your blogs with time..
Right now I'm to full of myself, I mean I'm like "WOOHOO MY BLOG IS POPULAR!!!" :p
Cya later, I hope, and have a nice day/week/month/year :)

Posted by Blogger Ragnar @ 3:32 AM #

oh and one last reply for Quilldancer:
I'm in a school for only B or better graded pupils, so almost all the teachers talks on and on about being lucky with working there :p
T'is nice there though..
Its just that fridays are BAAAD..
The teachers are allright though the english teacher could be more Zealous and less evil (she delivered us an essay over the weekend, allthough i have lots of them hanging around because of my blog, not many of my fellow students are that luck..)


Posted by Anonymous Ragnar @ 4:16 AM #

i'm here, slighty late for saturday's link, from Dr. John's as well. sometimes the dilemmas in my life as slighty different than most peoples would..for me, is to step out into the world and look fearless and strong..to concentrate in that part of my being and not let the shyer, quieter, questions-too many questions-asking person take the lead...

hope you have a good sunday.

Posted by Blogger Chana @ 4:29 AM #
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