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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Serial killers.

Most serial killers are seriously deluded, in other words, totally insane crackheads that think they do stuff for reasons that are made up of 95% complete bullshit. Some of them are so insane that they do it for what they call "fun", they do it because they like it, and some (in my eyes the most seriously insane crackheads) do it because they believe it helps their victims. I wonder how one human being belive it has the right to actually decide whats good for another human being. And espescially how can a human being kill another human being based on his/her beliefs. What made these people known as serial killers act the way they have done? It's often said that child molesters where molested themselves as a child, but it's quite hard for a living serial killer to have been killed by a serial killer when he/she was a child, so what turns these people into the monsters they become? I believe that if a childs childhood is incredibly lacking, the child will evolve a distrust in the kindness of the human race, and this can start the process of insanity overtaking the mind.

Is it impossible to stop?

No, according to crimelibrary there have been several cases where the Men/women actually turn themselves in to the police, some even expressing remorse over their actions.

How to eradicate them forever?

I don't think its possible to remove serial killers completely from society as there probably are quite a few that are still working out there, roaming free still. And to minimize the size of a newer generation of serial killers it's important for adults to remember to take proper care of their children.

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Posted by Ragnar @ 3:14 PM

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totally insane crackheads that think they do stuff for reasons that are made up of 95% complete bullshit.

Sounds like Bush...

Wonder when he will turn himself in...?

- fc

Posted by Blogger fc @ 10:14 PM #

I can see your point :P

Posted by Anonymous Ragnar @ 5:38 AM #

Why is everyone so down on serial killers? If you prick us, do we need not bleed?

Sure, not as much as our victims, but nevertheless...

Posted by Blogger Mr. Fabulous @ 3:39 AM #

The problem currently is that mental issues, like in example the drive to kill, isn't explainable yet. Therefore they are simply labeled insane, whilst certain perhaps daring studies place forward that it might rather be partially caused due to physical issues; brain damage being a major part of it.

Due to it not being understood it is also "useless" for people to turn themselves in BEFORE they kill, since the only thing they can expect is to be labeled as insane and get placed in a nuthouse to be stuffed with medicine which won't actually treat them anyways.

Once the possibility of being cured before killing is there, a part of the potential killers which is having these urges might much easier go to his doctor and explain it in order to get treated just like any other ailment.

But there should not be forgotten that the human brain is a huge mystery to us still, we cannot even grasp the tip of the iceberg yet as we stand now.

Posted by Anonymous Psycho Dude @ 9:37 AM #

When you say:

"Most serial killers are seriously deluded, in other words, totally insane crackheads that think they do stuff for reasons that are made up of 95% complete bullshit"

Do you think, maybe you'll end up on one of there lists....

Posted by Anonymous Tom @ 1:46 PM #

Tom, if I end up on one of their lists they'll probably have some trouble tracking me down and killing me, for one thing, I only give up my first name on the web or my credentials so its not very easy to track me down. For another thing I'm really paranoid so I always notice anything out of the ordinary. And.. When i say "most of them" they will think I'm saying that some of them are indeed not insane, and then they will often consider them part of these "some" that are not insane, and therefore overlook this as not an insult towards their being.

Posted by Anonymous Ragnar @ 5:35 PM #

Looks like you got your bases covered!!

Posted by Blogger TOM @ 8:19 PM #
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