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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Poetry among other things.

The weird smile.

The sun a coin of molten fire.
Heating like a huge pyre.
The dunes of sand stretched out as far as the eye could see.
The sting of sun upon uncovered skin felt like the sting of a bee.
A man dressed in black, stood on a dune and watched over to the east.
His eyes were crazed, his mind was dazed, and he thought he saw a feast.

The sun a coin of molten fire.
Heating like a huge pyre.
The man had no water, and he had not had a drink since the end of the last week.
He should have been dead but his soul did not break loose and leave him with a shriek.
He could barely stand as his eyes saw only the feast.
He could not move nor walk, no, not in the least.

The sun a coin of molten fire.
Heating lite a huge pyre.
The man tried to move and as a result was forced to fall.
He had not realized the dune he was on had a drop quite so tall.
As he landed below the top of the dune he had sank down to his hips.
His mind was lost as he thought he was swimming and kissing a woman on the lips.
The heat of the sand he was in, forced his death to come to.
Though he died of thirst in a desert he was smiling weirdly at you.
The last thing he did, in his mind at least, was something desirable to do.
He had actually lived for more than a year in fact one hundred and two.

Major changes coming up for this blog:
I am going to add categories for you to easily be able to read what you like best.
I am going to post several times a week for a longer period of time.
I am going to keep "The blog of the Week" alive and might even add an award given time.
I am going to do my best to improve the design and content.

Also, I strongly reccomend that you visit this week's blog of the week, New York Nitty-Gritty.
Otilius has an amazing eye when it comes to taking pictures.

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Posted by Ragnar @ 12:52 PM

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So pleased to see you writing again :)

Posted by Anonymous msdemmie @ 4:59 AM #

You know...I think periodic odes to me would be a good idea as well.

Just a thought :)

Posted by Blogger Mr. Fabulous @ 5:53 AM #

Wicked opening line !

Posted by Anonymous Jackal @ 4:34 AM #
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