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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Am I crazy?

No I am not asking you to figure out if I have a mental issue based on the many/few posts you may have read. But I am asking you to answer this uh, simple question.
Does picking a battle with my own character make me crazy?
I mean, I have planned to undo/diminish my flaw of being overly lazy at times.. Is it even possible? I wonder.
Also I want to be able to cope with rutines, I'm not much of a organized person, not at all, but I want to try and succeed at organizing some small part of my life to enable me to do my duties in time..
Is this an impossible task and/or a waste of my time, and makes me crazy if i try it?


Posted by Ragnar @ 2:20 PM

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cool blog!

Mr. Disgruntled

Posted by Blogger Mr. Disgruntled @ 5:48 PM #

Maybe start by making a small list of things you want to accomplish from day to day and see how that works out for you. Best of luck with routine and organization. You'll get there.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 7:14 AM #

why do you want to be organized ? :)

Posted by Anonymous Marius Muscalu @ 3:20 AM #

'Does picking a battle with my own character make me crazy?'

Not in my opinion, no. If anything it shows courage and strength to challenge one's character. It can only help to fully express, accept and acknowledge your own being.

Posted by Anonymous Jackal @ 4:32 AM #
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