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Sunday, September 10, 2006

The morals of rich corporation owners equals nothing.

Some people do not own morals.
They are simply not blessed with such a humanly thing as humanity..
They seem to be unable to add other people into the image of their world.
I'm not talking about most people, just some people, like for example The Coca Cola company ruins water resources in India, even though they made an agreement to preserve exactly the same resources.
This is just one example of companies that values morals the same as they value a piece of dogshit..
How would you like to drink water filled with acids and garbage from a Coca Cola factory?
And to work there only to be paid a 10th of the amount of a normal american citizen?
How would it make you feel, that the factory that was placed near you broke all the requirements that were required for it to stay there in the first place, and that the only reason it was still there was because the factory's owners bribe the local politicians to speak in the factory's favor?
If you leave powerful people unchallenged for too long they are bound to check were the boundry goes.
The whole "money is power" system that is the basing for todays society is corrupt to its foundations.
So basically to remove corruption entirely from the world, we must change the way society is set up.
To remove corruption from our system we must disable the so called karismatic people's opportunity to dupe most of the other people, lead them behind the light, and get to power from other people's

Posted by Ragnar @ 11:30 AM

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I got into a heated discussion with my brother, he doesn't think morals are important in a President. I disagree......but then he and I disagree on every issue.......not just politics.

Good Post.

Posted by Blogger Nea @ 1:30 PM #

Actually, its just that they have different morals. To you they are bad to them they are good. All is perspective, my open could be your closed and my closed could be your open. I wear the mask of duality and can see the many sided coin of perceptive perspective.

(Although even though I can see it from their viewpoint, doesn't mean I like it :) )

Posted by Anonymous reaper @ 6:53 PM #

The basic problem isn't morals. It is values. It's an oldie, but rent a copy of, "Other People's Money," from Netflicks. You'll get an interesting education -- and a couple of laughs.

Money as the be-all-and-end-all of business wasn't started by corporations. It was started by stockholders. In the early 80's corporations that clung to their morals died with them. Stcokholders wanted money and they didn't care what methods were used to obtain it.

Right now stockholders can say -- "I just provided the money. I didn't make the decisions." -- and they can pretend their consciences are clean. It is a self-perpetuating cycle. Businesses can't run without stockholders. Stockholders won't stay with a static company. The part of the budget that gets cut is conservation. Bribes are cheaper than water purification plants.

Posted by Blogger QuillDancer @ 7:22 PM #

I'm not for polluting water.

But if 1/10 of an average American salary is a good salary there, who are we to say they shouldn't take it?

I would rather earn 1/10 of the average American salary than 1/20, or nothing. I don't think you help people by taking away their jobs. It's not like a higher paying job is just sitting there waiting for them.

Posted by Blogger Marie @ 10:22 PM #

Quilldancer -
You do have a point, but If they had the morals of a normal citizen of the world, the values they stand for would be unthinkable.
Marie- It is not good over there, and thats my point...
So you think that its better that the CCC continues to pollute the water that thousands of nearby inhabitants drink AND ripp off their workers?
How about starting a demonstration?
Support their cause by sending money?
Show the issue some attention on your blog?
All these things may help in the long or short run and will not be to hard to take into life on your part..

Posted by Blogger Ragnar @ 5:52 AM #
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