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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A blogger's nightmare

Another day, yes, a new day, new opportunities, the world lays at your feet. But in fact it does not, the further you go into the presence of day, the more you feel that the world is definately not at your feet. In fact you start feeling that the world is as far away from laying at your feet as is possible for the world. So after having a meal for breakfast, that tasted lousy, you logged onto your computer.. Amazed you realize that your computer at least is working fine, the internet and all, so you try to log on to your blog to tell the world how your day is working out.. You trie once.. "Blog doesn't exist in our database." you try twice, "Blog doesn't exist in our database." and the third time you try, you allready know what is going to happen."Blog doesn't exist in our database.", you visit your own blog, and again it says. "Blog doesn't exist in our database.". You naturally assume that this is happening to everyone else using the same blog service as you, so you visit one of your friend's blogs. But your friend's blog does work, you start looking through the posts where you've been commenting, but there are no comments from you on any posts, so visit another blog, and another, and another, there is but one common streak. Your comments are erased from them all, all signs of you ever existing in the blogging world gone, no one would remember you for your blogging capabilities once you were gone. You started to realize that this might be the build-up to your murder, so you turn around, and to your shock you see a Man in an FBI uniform pointing a gun at your face. "Your blog was too controversial" He says slowly, "Sorry" and then he squeezes the trigger.


Posted by Ragnar @ 4:35 AM

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My real nightmare last week was similar - I could not log into Blogmad - none of the blogmad adverts came up on any blog.

Even all the emails to support were bouncing back ........

All wasrestored after Blogmad wrote to my ISP late Friday evening.

Was all very surreal.

Posted by Anonymous msdemmie @ 3:35 AM #

Sometimes there are nothing but problems in the cyberworld. *sighs*

Posted by Anonymous Ragnar @ 10:09 AM #
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