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Monday, November 20, 2006

Death, Really the end ?

It caught you didn't it, the title I mean, Death, this might help you understand why there is so much of just that in the media, would any of you've read on if it said "how to dust your chair properly"?
Death, oh how it attracts humans' attention, we're like vultures lurking above looking for more of the dead.
Its an amazing thing, death, how it affects the human mind in so many different ways.
When you see a dead body you might be feeling in awe, utterly terrified and almost insanely intrigued at the same time.
I believe that one of the reasons many people actually feel intrigued by dead bodys is that it is so uncomprehendable to us humans that something might make us dissapear without anything left.
I'm not a christian or a buddhist or a muslim, and I've got no grudge towards them(or people who follow any other religious direction), their way of living, or their beliefs, I consider myself a mix of an atheist and an agnostic, since none of the religions contains something that I can connect to in unquestionable even doubtful belief.
But nevertheless, I can't help but wonder if death really is the end, is it really an utterly devastating phenomenom that erases every single part of your person in a matter of seconds ?
Is it so, that when you die, there is
no more, you are no more?
One thing about death that makes it so scary is the uncertainty, "Do I continue living, or is this the end ?", which leaves the option to become a memorable person, so that one can live on through other humans.
Not literally "live on" but having once's actions redone by another person following your footsteps, or an opinion of yours being spread, these are just examples of what can happen after you have left your imprint on society.
Do you believe in afterlife ?
For myself, I don't know yet, and I don't know if I ever will be able to decide, before I leave this world to check the facts for myself.

I'll try to write some more on "The retired assasin" Series and my book now.
Warmest regards to all readers,


Posted by Ragnar @ 3:24 PM

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There is no death, jus the experience of dying. The body symbolizes our story (from birth to death) but not our consciousness...our awareness of ourself continues always, only the circumstances and realities change.

A Forgetful God

Posted by Blogger Forgetful God @ 4:37 PM #

Where are the other realities ? How did you come to this conclusion ? Are you sure it was not the human instinct of survival that affected your mind in such a way that you deny death ? (It may seem that I'm trying to be an irritating Ahole here but i am simply asking questions from an objective point of view.)

Posted by Blogger Ragnar @ 5:24 PM #

I'm a Spiritualist and I believe in an afterlife.

Furthermore, I believe that we reincarnate for another lifetime if we don't finish the life lessons that we were to learn in our current lifetime.

Just my personal opinion :)

I found you via a comment you left over at Life At The Edge

Posted by Anonymous Dawn @ 3:29 AM #

I hold similar beliefs to Dawn. I have memories of other times and places and of other lives.

Posted by Anonymous msdemmie @ 9:55 AM #

I find it interesting that all of the above comments actually tie together. Ragnar asked "what other realities?" all other realities...some people call it reincarnation but that belief is based on the belief in "Time". Time is a perception, like everything else...in truth, only the present moment ever exists. I guess you could say that we live ALL lives at once, incarnation..period.

"Are you sure it was not the human instinct of survival that affected your mind in such a way that you deny death?" I don't deny death, I deny the concept of death and choose to look at the reality behind it...survival itself is based on the fear of death, but without that fear there is simple acceptance. I do believe my body will, one day, complete its story and "die" but I do not believe that I am my body...I'm the thing that uses my body. I'm the awareness of myself and no matter what life I'm in, THAT is always true...I am always aware of myself (whether I call myself ragnar, dawn, or msdemmie...these are just labels for a consciousness that is self-aware...my consciousness).
I think that death is a very good way of justifying our fear of the unknown, change, etc...but aside from being a justification it's just another escape from being present.


A Forgetful God
(feel free to visit at http://forgetfulgod.blogspot.com)

Posted by Blogger Forgetful God @ 2:29 PM #

Whoops :P I meant the concept of death.. As for the reality that exists behind it, I'm not sure about that. I mean, as a "man of science" it is "proved" that it is mostly genetics and the society you live in that "creates" your personality..
I'm a Spiritualist and I believe in an afterlife.

Dawn said: "Furthermore, I believe that we reincarnate for another lifetime if we don't finish the life lessons that we were to learn in our current lifetime."

I just have one question..
Who decides what we need to learn in our stay at the earth, and who makes us "move on" ?

Posted by Blogger Ragnar @ 3:06 PM #

Now just hang on a second - back the truck up!!! What's this about dusty chairs????

Posted by Anonymous Memphis @ 9:07 PM #

I'll let you know. Leave me your number :)

Posted by Blogger Mr. Fabulous @ 2:30 PM #
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