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Monday, November 13, 2006

Whoah, a new post..

I don't know whats happened to me but I find that I have a lot less energy to do the things that I do in a day, and because my life is as hectic as it is somehow I manage to prioritize in a way that puts blogging far down the list. I say again, that this is not because I don't like my blog, or to post, but simply because I have other priorities..
I already feel a bit more cheery.. (Seriously)

Important psychological question:

Well I've just been doing a bit of thinking on this subject lately, and I can't help but wonder if men and women experience love for each other differently..
I do not intend to turn all "soapy" on you, and I hope you can see the philosophical value in discussing such a subject, so that you will allow me to go on without pressing the "x" formed button to the top right..
The downside is, that it is very difficult to prove that Men and Women experience love differently, or the opposite, because of the difficulty of actually expressing what you feel in words.
Lets say, what if Women felt love 100 times stronger than men, or the other way around, how would it affect the way humans would've lived ?
This of course is a dilemma when it comes down to writing as I have no idea what women feel when they fall in love/love someone... (Yes, I'm a guy, you've probably started to doubt that this is so by now, but I am, I really am.)
So should I just type down what I would feel in the given situation, or take a wild guess, and loose all female readers within a few seconds ?
(Perhaps I'll just cut out women from the story altogether, and make up a new species that humans use for breeding ?)
So here it comes, (and I hate dedicating an ENTIRE POST to asking a question without getting any responses, so please respond!)
Do you think women and men experience love differently ?
(To all human beings out there: Does one become less a man from typing such posts and posting them onto your blog ? :P)
Well well, that's it until next time..

Warmest regards,


Posted by Ragnar @ 4:46 PM

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They probably do. I wish I was smart enough to give a better answer but I haven't been to bed yet.

As for making you less of a man? Hardly. In fact I think I love you now more than ever :)

Posted by Blogger Mr. Fabulous @ 4:40 AM #

No sleep can do that to you, I mean, make you wish you were smarter and stuff.. :P Why is my blog so laggy !?!? :p I think i'll move all pictures off of blogger and over to my server or something, then see what happens..

Posted by Blogger Ragnar @ 5:08 PM #

I think various studies have suggested that men and women see/feel love differently - they certainly express it differently.

I would think it is a right hand/left hand brain type of thing as well.

Women *romantacise* love far more than men , and I think in most cases express it far more emotionally.

I will go see if I can find any research t back up what I have said.

Posted by Anonymous msdemmie @ 9:05 AM #
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