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Monday, February 12, 2007

Blog of the day, what ? It's me?!?

Where did that come from? I've been getting like not very many visitors for the last few days, and my creativeness has been hiding from me, and yet. I receive an award, how weird is that ? Anyway, thanks to the one that nominated me to the award, and of course the owner of the blog that gave me the award.
Thanks mom and dad, for not encouraging me to write, thanks to all my english teachers giving me higher grades than I deserve because of my evolved vocabulary, thanks to all my readers, and thanks to Mr. Fab at Pointless drivel for being a spreader of drivel, oh and thanks to Msdemmie for her ongoing support, you really need to visit her blog, it was her that should have gotten this award..
Thanks everyone

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Posted by Ragnar @ 12:30 PM

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Congratulations :)

Hopefully this will encourage the creativity.

( Wasn't me - so I can't take the credit)

Posted by Anonymous MsDemmie @ 12:56 PM #
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