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Thursday, February 08, 2007

The 'retired' asssasin part 8.

As Rendal was looking over his restless men, he could not help but wonder if any of them actually betrayed them, allthough their betrayal might be the only reason that they were alive and free now, it could present humongous problems later. Actually, if there was a betrayer, and if he somehow managed to contact the thieves, most likely none of them would survive this week. God how he hated the damn mondays!

Your plan worked master, you might have saved his and many of his men's lives.
Sarize thought intently, and made it wander, wander until it reached her master's mind.
Of course it worked! Have I ever given you any reason to doubt my abilities?
The thought was forced into her mind like a nail into a plank.
Her simple answer brought a long silence upon her mind, after the series of intense interruptions it had suffered this last hour, finally being able to relax was soothing.
The boy must live, see to it that he does, and remember, you suffer the same fate as him.
With this he was gone, no longer did his presence torment her mind.
Not only shall he be alive, he shall serve our will.
Sarize thought.

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