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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Latest news.

For those who have turned reading my blog into a daily or semi-daily/weekly habit, it may seem that I have deliberately eluded posting anything to my blog due to not being interested in it at all.
This however is not the case, I have been away from "cyber space" because I was visiting some relatives that does not have a computer with internet connection, so I have simply been unable to post something or fix anything on my blog.
But even before I left, a lot of time passed betweend the posting of each post , due to my striving to make my blog better.
Sadly I have to say that this was a bucketful of wasted effort as I used my time to think of a new slogan or background or minor details about my blog's design instead of filling up my blog with content.
As it is I'm planning to post at least another part of "the 'retired' assasin" series and fix the contents of the the first three parts of it.

The president of the UPD
(United Posts of Dust on a dusty road)

Posted by Ragnar @ 2:15 PM

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That's okay. Just passing by from Dr. John.

Posted by Blogger FRIDAY'S CHILD @ 5:49 PM #

I like it reality is not boring but also when it is. (does not take much to make me happy).

Sent by Dr. John, a guy who has too much time on his hands and thinks the rest of us do, too (just kidding...we love going to his link picks!).

Posted by Blogger Lori's Minute @ 6:32 PM #

yer funny, anyway! Here via Dr. John

Posted by Blogger Cindra @ 8:16 PM #

Interesting comments!!LOL!! Dr. John sent me--

Posted by Blogger Smythe @ 3:05 AM #

A blog should always be a work in progress, so don't sweat it. Once you are content with it, it's probably time to move on to something else.

(Sage advice from a faithful Dr. John Marathoner...)

Posted by Blogger Cuppojoe @ 8:15 AM #
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