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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Poetic Tuesday Poem.

The strongest's right.
The moon rose up to illuminate the trees, Little did the small birds know.
That they were about to be killed, by just one killing blow.
When the moon was on the peak of its course on the cloudless sky.
The birds were all dead, but had got no time to dread, or not even to wonder why.

But why would someone want to kill, some birds that had done nothing wrong.
The wrongdoer must be weird? Or maybe even feared? Perhaps seen in a human throng?
The wrongdoer was not weird and never feared, but in his eyes his actions were his right.
The strongest's right was what he callled it, he would have the king to be the best to fight.

The inventer of this, discussed little thing, called the strongest's right.
He was not even large, not close to strong and far from what is called bright.
But one thing he did, though stupid it was, he invented "the strongest's right".
So watch your mouth then, and lock all your doors, and seal your windows tight.
Noone will be safe, from chastise or chafe, as long as the followers won't "see the light".
And remember, lock your doors right, seal your windows tight, or they'll come for you, in the middle of the night.
┬ęCopyright 2006, Ragnar the owner of this blog.


What was the moral of the poem?
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