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Monday, October 09, 2006

"The 'Retired' Assasin" Part 4.

This is Part four of the story I have chosen to temporarily call "The 'Retired' Assasin", ultimately that will be the name of the first chapter, but until I find another title for the story, it will remain named "The 'Retired' assasin".
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At this time the so called "Beast" was ravaging large parts of Rolega, one of the "Civilized States", it was rumoured that this was one of the huge barbarians that were living north of the border, and given the fact that Rolega was indeed the Civilized state placed north of all the others, that he drank blood and dressed in skin from the creatures he slay, be it man or bear or wolf.
The facts in this matter was of course incredibly different from what the rumours would have told as true, and as the "Beast " progressed further and further south, the word got out that he was little more than a boy, and a fair one at that.
When people learned that "The beast" was youn, fair and seemingly unstoppable in battle, somehow the word spread that he was a lost prince, fighting his way to his rightful throne.
Matters only turned worse when the king forbid even speaking of "This little youngster who calls himself 'the beast' ".
The word spread to every little city or town in all of Rolega, and discussions about him were to be found in every tavern or inn.
Little did the king know at the time, that only his enemies called him "the beast" due to his wild ferocity in battle, that he wore only a chainmail chestguard and a bearskin cloak with the head left intact and that the loosing side of a battle always needed some kind of excuse for their loss, espescially when the odds had been on their side.
Allthough "the beast" was ferocious in battle, he was also rightful so that he always helped the wounded, treated the prisoners well, and avoided killing, capturing or harming unarmed women and harmless children if possible.

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