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Monday, October 30, 2006

"The 'Retired' Assasin" Part 5.

I realize that the spaces of time between my posts has been increasing lately and I'm going to put this straight..
I like blogging, I won't stop if i can help it, at least not for a while, but somehow the free time needed for blogging has eluded me.
Either I've been to tired or to busy or to sick to get myself to sit down in front of my computer and concentrate on writing a post.
I've noticed another upside to keeping my blog alive, even when I don't bother putting any effort into an english assignment I never get grades worse than B+ so needless to say I am quite satisfied by that.
And now (*insert "To the moment you've all been waiting for" in a 'TV voice' here*) "The 'Retired' Assasin Part 5" Will unfold below.

The so called "Beast" vas sitting at a small wooden table in a large tent, the fire in the middle of it was burning low, and because of the retreating darkness it was easy to tell that it was nearing dawn.
The walls of the tent were made of thick special treated leather and bands of color spiraled upwards to the top of the tent, where smoke flew slowly into the air through a medium sized whole.
"The Beast" smashed his gloved fist into the wooden table so hard that the ground trembled, "We have to press on, or our men will loose faith, you heard them didn't you? They are practically begging for more blood, more land, more coin to spend, more of everything!"
He said loudly, to the woman sitting on the far side of the table.
He sat in a chair, weakly built at first sight, but when you looked closer you could see muscles bulging under the clothes that covered the slim body.
He was young, had short ruffled brown hair, blue eyes and a slim face and thin nose.
His jaw was clenched so tight that his teeth aced, and the two spots where his muscles where bulging formed an irregullarity in his otherwise almost perfectly formed face.
The woman sitting in the only other chair in the tent, at the far side of the table, was also quite young, a bit older than the man she was now staring intently at, and was slimly built.
She had long ravenblack hair, perfectly green eyes, a bulky nose, looking as if it had been broken a couple of times, numerous scars covering her face, and a set of slightly irregular and pointed teeth.
She closed her eyes for a moment, then frowned and said.
"It's okay for them to press on, they see you as an unstoppable beast invurnerable to harm, even though the losses have been minimal men have still died, but they don't seem to notice."
She paused as if considering what to say next, slowly opened her mouth and said "Its a mob being led behind the light, and I'm sorry but its your fault, I mean, they've seen nothing but victories since we've come into the lands of the thieves, and we both know, most men get overly bold after such events."
The face of the woman took on a smug look, just as she looked down into the table to hide a smile.
She had won this discussion she knew, oh he might argue a bit more but with that one devastating argument she had crushed his in one verbal blow. "This is getting harder and harder.. " She thought, "Maybe next time I won't be able to talk him out of the stupidity."
"But... Eh." The young man said, with a frustrated look covering his face, No not again. He thought, he was on the verge of yelling "Words, come to me!" but as ever, he did not.
"Oh come on Rendal.." The woman said calmly, her voice cool, with the hint of something else, somethign soft hidden within, her face the perfect picture of serenity, "Obviously you can see the sense in what I'm saying here, and of course, you didn't make me your second in command for nothing did you? The council said we should stop here and defend what we've allready conquered. And not only that, until now the king of these thieves has until now considered us nothing but a minor band of raiders, if we press on, we are destined to meet an army we cannot defeat, and what will your men do then, surrender? We both know the answer to that...."
"A death in battle is an honorable death." The young man called Rendal said stubbornly.
"What good does honor do you, when you're dead?" The woman asked.
Rendal had no answer so he kept his mouth shut eyes down in embarrasment.
The woman thought he looked childlike when he was embarassed but got no time to consider it more because just then, faint horns could be heard in the distance, even the louder of the drums could be heard faintly.
As they both knew, these were the sounds of war.
"It appears you were wrong Sarize, the king has allready noticed us for what we are.." Rendal said, his face had already set in stony look, as if he had no human emotion.
“Always have a back-up plan, always..” Rendal thought as he strode out of the tent.


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