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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Poetic Tuesday Poem.

The sun went down
And sat a golden crown
Upon the mountains in the west.

The jagged spires,
Looked like fires,
Upon the mountains in the west.

The creatures saw,
And gaped in awe,
Upon the mountains in the west.

The free man saw,
And noticed a flaw,
Upon the mountains in the west.

As snow did melt,
The sun was felt,
Upon the mountains in the west.

The water found a way,
To avoid the mountain stay,
Upon the mountains in the west.

As the water rushed down,
To escape the golden crown,
The mountains they fell,
Almost creating hell,
Oh yes they fell,
They crashed down I can tell.

The mountains in the west.

Posted by Ragnar @ 9:36 AM

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A lot of stuff seems to happen in the west...

Posted by Blogger Mr. Fabulous @ 2:29 PM #

As always.. I'm being metaphoric.. :p

Posted by Blogger Ragnar @ 2:36 PM #

sent by Dr. John,
to run in a marathon-
through cyberspace we go
who we'll meet we never know
but one thing's clear
the stampede was here.

Posted by Blogger Cindy @ 3:57 PM #

Living in the west I appreciate this poem a lot - thank you :)

Posted by Blogger MsDemmie @ 11:13 AM #

Short and sweet, keep it up.

Posted by Anonymous reaper @ 10:32 PM #
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