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Thursday, September 21, 2006

"The 'retired' assasin" Part 2.

I mentioned in my last post that my creativity was back, and this is one of the many results as a cause of that.
"The 'retired' assasin" Part 1 link
"The 'retired' assasin" Part 2.

The assasin looked at the large, well-built man standing in front of the splinters left of his door.
He quickly twirled his knives and hid them in his sleeves with amazing speed.
"King, me?" He said incredolously and laughed.
"I can barely afford to live in this simple hut, or do they by any chance call this a palace where you're from?"
He continued slowly in a farmer's accent.
The large man burst out in laughter.
"Not that kind of king, for quite a long period a time, a little while ago, you were known as 'The king of Shadows' but the fact that we found you hidden here, tells me that you were not worthy of such a glorious title." The large man said, eyening the sleeves of the retired assasin briefly.
"Another assasin" the retired assasin thought, "Here out of jealousy perhaps"..
"I still don't understand what you are talking of, if you are in requirement of an assasin's services I suggest you get out of here now, and quickly, because there ain't no man living in these woods that are gonna give you that." He said, in a different accent this time, something more of a minor merchant from a city.
The tall sinewy thin man that had stood completely still for such a long time, strode quickly into the room and said.
"We do not need or require anything from you.. We are here for other matters, we have brought you orders."
The former assasin, eyed the thin man wearily, he realized quickly that he was the leader of the two, because he was the one with the most expencive clothes and weapons.
"What orders and from whom?"
The retired assasin whispered fiercely to the man with the orders.

"The orders are from the king, of what matter they are, I do not know, nor do I mind being kept ignorant..
I'm only supposed to give you these bloody orders, escort you to Frinleod's castle and forget it ever happened."

He said as he handed over the roll of parchment to the former assasin.
"I do not need orders good sir, nor will obey them when I get them.. I am a free man, not one of the king's slaves."
The former assasin said loudly.
"Well, I'm afraid you have to, if you do not follow us willingly, we are ordered to bring you forth by force, or kill you in the process ?"
The thin man said threateningly.
The assasin decided to read his orders before doing anything rash.

Hello Trizor, Its been a long time, and I need one last favor of you, I know you never really wanted to be an assasin and all that, and I also know that of the 150 you are supposed to have killed, only 10 were relieved of the burden of life by your hands.
You always wanted to lead an army, you were never a coward, so what I'm prepared to offer you my old friend, is a place as one of my generals and a new identity.

Lord of the seas, and King of the east.

The retired assasin that had been prepared to kill the visitors, was now unsure what to do.
"A real king wouldn't write something as simple as that in a formal letter" he thought.
"Zertain is KING now? When did the old man die?"
The former assasin asked, trying his best to sound shocked and convinced.
"Not even a month ago, I'm not surprised that you've not heard it yet, considering this shithole you're living in." The large man said.
"When do we leave?" the former assasin asked eagerly.
The thin sinewy man strode against the former assasin who seemingly was not the least afraid of the man who was closing in on him.
The former assasin punched the thin man in the nose so fast that his hand blurred.
As the man collapsed into a heap on the floor, the last thing he heard before falling into unconsciousness was "Almost too easy old fella..".

End part 2 The retired assasin..
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sounds a lot like a story i wrote awhile back, keep it up.

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