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Thursday, September 28, 2006

The retired assasin Part 3

I've been very tired lately.
So I've not had the energy to sit down, and write something over a long period of time.
I've been having friends over a lot too, so...

"The 'retired' assasin" Part 1 link.

"The 'retired' assasin" Part 2 link.

The Retired assasin was now watching the large man closely.
He thought "Thats not how you really look fella.." , he just knew that the man he saw was an illusion, there could be no other reason for the guys with the "orders" to pay him a visit.
He decided that it had to be someone he knew or once had known, and as he did the illusion was no longer what his eyes saw.
His eyes was now studying the confusing process of the illusion's self destruction, at first, it switched back and forth between what the object/person really looked like faster and faster, and when it started to switch back and forth so fast that you could only see a blur, then the blur turned back into the illusion and it gradually retreated, revealing what was meant to be hidden by the illusion, quite slowly.
As expected the former assasin now had his eyes on a more slim and taller person.
"Why are you here Frindel?" The assasin asked loudly while he was trying to figure out just that.
"I..." The man named Frindel said.
"You were not supposed to pay me a visit unless you were in some kind of emergency?" The assasin asked angrily.
"We need you back in the old town.. The whole shit is about to be controlled by Shadow Slayers..
If we don't do anything soon, the place will be lost. Do you want mad priests controlling your birth place?"
Frindel answered in a voice tinged by irritation.
"The old town was never really important to you now was it?" The assasin asked.
"It always was, its just that I wasn't as passionate about building things as you were Telizer. And besides, most of my few remaining friends are stuck there." Frindel said.
The former assasin named Telizer walked closer to the ruins of his door.
"And what makes you think that I want to help?" Telizer asked as he stopped nearly 1 foot from the ruins of the door..
"You want to help because the old town is still important to you, if not that, I got a bag of gold from the rest of the resistance." Frindel said as he rattled the bag hanging from his belt.
Telizer looked seemingly uninterested at the bag of gold, and said.
"What would you have me do for the bag o' gold?"
"Simply lead the mob of people that are against the mad priests in skirmishes and the like." Frindel said.
Telizer looked incredolously at Frindel, and burst out.
"You want an untrained old man without any experience to lead your forces to battle?"
"Its not what you are that matters, it is what the enemy and your mob thinks you are, to lay it out pretty simple, they won't be looking at this old shell." Frindel said with a wicked smile.
Telizer gaped at Frindel as he realized what his one time friend was planning...
He realized that he never should have trusted the man with his whereabouts, or anyone else for that matter, soon everybody he'd once known would bloody well be standing at his doorstep demanding favors.
Telizer turned around looked Frindel straight into his green eyes and said,
"I can't say I like your idea but it might work, and since the ol' place s' at stake, I'll play along for a little while."
He cast one last look towards the pitifully skinny man lying inside his damaged hut, and walked outside.
"If we need to get there quickly, I know just the trick"
Telizer said smiling, his eyes shining like diamonds in the sun, as he stood on the grassy ground outside his doorstep.

© Copyright Ragnar, The owner of this blog, 2006


Posted by Ragnar @ 1:54 AM

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As always I love your writing style! -Margie

(Stopping by via Dr. John)

Posted by Blogger Margaret @ 7:51 AM #

here is hoping that your visits will aid in lifting up your spirits.
your writting is fantastic.
sent here by dr. JOhn.

Posted by Blogger Chana @ 9:03 AM #

Interesting tale, sent by Dr John.

Posted by Blogger bazza27 @ 9:18 AM #

Look-Out! Coming Through...from Dr. John's!

Posted by Anonymous andrena @ 10:40 AM #

I do hope you are feeling better very soon! Nice writing style.....I am one of Dr Johns little people!

Posted by Blogger Catch @ 12:16 PM #

Ha! I'll be back later to read parts 1 and 2. Part 3 intrigued me, but right now I am running in Dr. John's Marathon and can't stop.

Posted by Blogger QuillDancer @ 1:18 PM #

I think you might be able to help Dr John solve the problem of the stone man in the basement in Pigeon Falls.

Posted by Blogger Janvangogh @ 3:51 PM #
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