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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

"The 'Retired' Assasin" Part 1

An owl hooted, as the sound of steps neared a small clearing, in the midst of a dense oak forest.
The clearing was about 20 paces accros, and formed in an almost perfect circle.
The clearing was floored with grass, and the only tree was standing almost in the middle, to the left of a small house.
The house was made out of solid wood, was unpainted, only one floor tall, had 2 small windows, and a massive front door.
The house was what in those days were called, a forester's hut, it was a simple building, where men or women could live in pact with nature, and live on the fruits given by mother earth's generousity.
But, this perticular hut, was not the home of such a peaceful creature.
This was the home, of one of the most wanted men in the history of crime, the master of assasination, now retired, with a name, only his closest friends knew, all others, feared and knew him as, the king of shadows.

He had once speacialized in sneaking up behind his victims, pricking them on the arm with the point of his knife, and when they turned around, almost immediately, he cut their throats, because stabbing people in the back, was a cowards way out, and besides, he had once liked being showered in the warm blood.
The man who lived there, did not look anything like the assasin he had once been, he was almost skinny, tall, had long limbs looking like thin branches, rough brown hair, and green eyes.
He sat in a chair, in the combined kitchen and living room, and appeard to read a book that lay upon the decorated table, in the otherwise plain room.
There was a book shelf with a few but large books in it, an old fireplace made out of some grey stone that was full of cracks, and a decorated work table, where he prepared food for cooking, and carved different wooden items, if the weather was bad.
The sound of steps was nearing now, he had known someone was coming for quite a long time, and he was prepared for them, whatever their business with him might be.
He saw two shadows passing his small window, and thought "I'm not that old, I can still handle two, if need be." The steps continued, and then stopped, before a rapid set of knocks on the door broke the silence.
The assasin had always thought letting people knock themselves bored on the door, and seing what they did next, was a good idea, because opening the door to the wrong sort of people could get you hurt, or worse.
"Better cautious than scarred" he whispered silently to himself, as another set of knocks, louder this time, interrupted the soothing silence.
If these people were of the right sort, he wouldn't hear more knocks, then he would open the door, and yell them back, but if they were of the wrong sort, they would probably knock down the door.


The axe he used for cutting wood was now stuck through the door, and the men standing outside was trying to kick in what was left of it.
When the door finally gave way, the former assasin was wielding two, razor sharp, curved and generously decorated blades, forged of the finest steel.
"Well KING, we meet at last.." A cloaked man said in a sarcastic voice to the former assasin.

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