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Monday, September 11, 2006

9/11 Poem..

A drop of water fell silently through the air, allthough it was falling, there was no sign of anything anywhere near it, so it might as well have been standing still.
What gave the movement away, was the disturbance on the drop's, otherwise perfect surface, caused by the tiny resistance that the air around it offered.
The light of a rising sun caused the drop of water to glow red and the red color spread throughout the drop as the surface rippled and the shining light reflected upon the single straw of perfectly green grass that was placed in the middle of a gold wasteland mainly consisting dirt and jagged rocks, allthough the one straw of grass seemed tiny in comparision to the rest of the wasteland, it was clear that the one drop, the one red drop, of water was heading towards the one straw of grass placed in the middle of a gold wasteland.
The drop continued to fall silently towards the straw of grass, and when drop and straw met, not a whisper of a sound was created, because they met not in collision, but in embrasement.
This was how the nature silently paid its respect to humanity and its loss, the wind did not even move the grass slightly, as it bended under the red drop of water's weight.
Together they made a contrast filled candle, a candle lit with the help of both wind and sun, a candle made respectfully by the nature of whom we came.
Together the perfectioned red drop of water, and the amazingly green straw of grass, was paying their respects to humanity that so many times had abused them.
Together they formed a candle for those who died, and those who were left behind on September The 11th 2001.


Posted by Ragnar @ 9:47 AM

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Beautiful poem.

Posted by Blogger Leon @ 4:48 PM #

Absolutely beautiful. The imagery was amazing. It made tears come to my eyes.

Posted by Blogger Shelli @ 4:49 PM #

Amazing poem - it says so much. Thank you for sharing. -Margie

Posted by Blogger Margaret @ 5:26 PM #
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