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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Happy birthday to me../Open post(Yes again..)

Yes, today the 10th of september is my birthday, and forgive me for not Writing my 9/11 tributes today, but I want to stay happy to some extent..
I will not tell you how old I am, I can quite honestly say that I'm very young, and I'll leave the rest for your imagination and the picture of me you can base on previous posts.
I don't have time to post much more today, because some friends are coming down any moment, after that we'll get over to the cinema or rent some movies, so I'll leave most of the writing for my visitors today.
Please feel free to spit out your political opinions, or rants about the big companies, or tell us how stupid celebrities are..
All thats left for me to say now, is Have a nice day, and if you are mourning lost ones, I hope all the nice tributes out there in the blogging world will help you get through the day.
And that I'll be back to post something of more creative and intellectual substance later :)
I realize now that today is not the best possible day to post jokes, so I'll wait until "The day afte tomorrow"(not the movie).
But Still, I'll be back, and feed you with something a lot harder to decipher later on.

President of the UPD(United posts of Dust on a Dusty Road.)

Posted by Ragnar @ 4:34 AM

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I hope you enjoyed our visits yesterday.Happy birthday. The bad news is that by reason of putting the words " Dr. John" in your comment on your blog and leaving a comment on my blog you have benn gifted with 7 highly unusable JCPOINTS. Your name will be in the Monday drawing.
You can join our higly unstable group by going to my blog and then to the link of the day: Leaving a Dr. John in the commenta t that link gets you 5 JCPOINTS. That's it. No forms to fill out. No visa card required. No secret passwords. we are a simple group.Join us or not the world goes on and its still your birthday.

Posted by Blogger Dr.John @ 5:05 AM #

Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment about the frozen Niagara Falls. I hope you have a very happy birthday!

Posted by Blogger Cindy @ 5:30 AM #

Life goes on and the sadness in the world can just pause for a bit while we celebrate our victories and our joys, for they are what helps get us through the sorrows. Happy Birthday!

Posted by Blogger QuillDancer @ 6:40 AM #

Happy Birthday.

Posted by Blogger MsDemmie @ 1:27 PM #
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