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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Why it seems like fate exists sometimes...

All the people in the world is like one giant pond,
almost running out over the top of an edge.
Where every event is a wave of air brushing the pond,
Its strength determined by the event's importance.

So lets say an earthquake hits San Fransisco right..
Then a wind would start disturbing the water,(a strong wind)
and the wave's would spread throughout the pond,
disturbing almost everything in its way,
The seriousness of the disturbance decided by
how close the location was to the wave of air.

So if events decides how still or troubled the waters are,
Then your ability or inability to affect others,
depends on the water being still or troubled.

What I'm trying to say is,
Your life is as much controlled by incidents elsewhere,
or actions/choices made by others,
as by the actions/choices made by yourself.
It really is kinda creepy huh?
Its like a 50/50 shared responsibility for the happenings throughout your entire life.
Your own death is not entirely your fault, even if you kill yourself...
I mean, why would you kill yourself if you weren't affected by anyone or anything?
Or how could you join the football team, if someone didn't tell you it existed, and how you could do it?
It's like a game of cards, only that the "dealer" are all the other people in your life,
and the cards are the events that happen around you.

I'm not quite sure wether I believe in fate or not..
I'm gonna live a little longer 'fore I decide on something as vital as that :P


Posted by Ragnar @ 10:41 AM

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well said.

As V said in V for Vendetta, "There is no such thing as coincedence, only the illusion of coincedence."

Posted by Anonymous reaper @ 12:01 PM #

I seem to speak well alot lately ;)
Love that movie :D

Posted by Blogger Ragnar @ 1:19 PM #

More interesting stuff here :)

Just dropped in to say I have now added my link back to you.

Posted by Blogger MsDemmie @ 8:22 AM #
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