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Saturday, September 16, 2006

My day..

Well.. I have to post something on a regular basis to keep this blog alive,
but yet again, my creativity seems to have left me for the day at least..
It seems I am too busy with other matters in my life to use my imagination
to something as time consuming as writing or thinking out some story.
Its pretty irritating I can tell you that..
Trying to concentrate on the writing exactly when something else pops into your brain.
Thinking "Then what happens next?" and suddenly "Why did that happen?" about something different entirely..
I've also had a friend over, we ate, played some computer multiplayer games, and watched a rental..
Thats my "today"..
How was yours?

Posted by Ragnar @ 3:48 PM

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Well, the high point of my day is...reading this post. So...

I win :)

Posted by Blogger Mr. Fabulous @ 7:01 PM #
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