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Sunday, September 17, 2006

My day/Disturbing Poll results!

I've been redoing the whole site and adding new sections to the site, at http://www.retardus.com for most of the day and you can of course check it out, we are not trying to insult anyone with the use of the domain name or anything, we only have the domain name because we just call ourselves the Retardus team.
Other than that I've made myself dinner, been out cycling and watched booring shows on the television.

Now.. To the poll results.

Total Number of Votes: 69

A total of 51 out of 69 considered themselves to be intellectual, which is quite good, given the fact that they really are intellectual, 12 said NO which is allright, the question was about what they considered themselves to be, not what they really were, and 6 were Not sure, which is NOT all right under any circumstance, to answer that you are not sure on a question like this is like Screaming "I'm STUPID" to an audience, you should be glad that I didn't log your Name, IP and regular Adress, and sent it to mensa!
I will be switching the poll today and I hope I'll see some less disturbing results this time.

Posted by Ragnar @ 1:14 PM

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If by "intellectual" you mean being able to discuss the geo-political climate in the third world or be able at great lengths to debate the teachings of Socrates, then no, I am not an intellectual.

But if by "intellectual" you mean do I like bacon? Well, there you go.

Posted by Blogger Mr. Fabulous @ 6:27 AM #

Fab - I would define the first two matters as knowlegde not intellect, intellect is simply, very hard to define..
There are many types of Intellect, Social Intellect for example, and many more..
Intellect is a very hard thing to define, but you might say, that it is the ability to defend yourself in a discussion, or think your way out of trouble, or know how to stay calm in difficult situation, I asked YOU wether you considered yourself to be intellectual, and left the definition into your hands, and by doing so I freed myself from writing a post of great length arguing with myself about Intellect really is.

Posted by Blogger Ragnar @ 9:31 AM #

Hey Sweets.

Just to let you know your code for the poll is too big for your column. So, it's showing on the bottom of the page.....

Posted by Blogger The Imaginary Diva @ 4:48 PM #

What a pretentious idiot.

You don't have sufficient intellect to even know what you are talking about, and then you abuse people who were courteous enough to take the time to respond to your ill-considered poll.

Other people are the best judge of whether or not a person could be considered an “intellectual”. As you have so amply demonstrated, self assessment in this matter is strictly for the foolish.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 12:06 AM #

Anonym -
How would you define the word intellect?
What is wrong with a harmless poll where I was asking wether they considered themselves to be intellectual? Whether you like it or not, thats not the same as asking a guy on the street if he's smart..
Have you never considered yourself to be anything? I agree that others should be the judge of this matter but I was simply checking out the egos of the people who were visiting my site.
And besides, unless you know me in real life, you wouldn't know anything of my intellect..
Do you usually walk up to people you've never met before on the street and call them ignorant stupid idiots?
Perhaps you do and perhaps you don't either way your post is rude and only displays how ignorant you are.
Normally people would delete such posts as yours, I see you don't even have the guts to attach a name to your words, but I let the unworthy criticism stay where it is.

Posted by Blogger Ragnar @ 6:34 AM #
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