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Thursday, August 31, 2006

8 Reasons that explain,Why I write

(And why you should, if you do not..)
1.Writing allows me to escape from the hindrances that exist in real life,
Racism, idiocy, insults, shallow people, everyday irritating things that makes life
So much worse, than it could have been.
2.It allows ME to choose what happens to person.
3. It allows me to let out my emotions, without hurting anyone that i care about,
4. It allows me to do what I want with "my world" instead of being pulled around
by events around me with the scary feeling
that "fate" actually do exist.
I have a theory on why it seems like fate exists too but i'll get back to that later..
5.It also allows me to tap into a world without boundries, a world where I make the
rules, a world where everything my fantasy produces can be played into life, without
anyone being hurt, emotionally or physically.
6. It allows me to do something else than waste my time in front of the tv or playing
computer games when I'm bored and the weather is horrible.
7. It allows me to improve my reading, spelling, and regular grammary.
8. And last but not least.. I simply LOVE it!

Posted by Ragnar @ 12:38 PM

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Well said.

Now imagine if writing really creates real worlds and your characters do exist somewhere. When a character dies, does (s)he feel pain?

(thats just a philosophical type question you can use to entertain yourself....athought the characters in the story might not think it's so simple......)

Posted by Anonymous reaper @ 5:40 PM #

Same reason I write...

Posted by Blogger Keith @ 1:30 AM #

Totally agreed. Writing means all that and more

Posted by Blogger Phoenix @ 5:00 AM #
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