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Tuesday, August 01, 2006


This is not meant as a prophecy.. Just some words skribbled down when I was in a bad mood.

The glow of love shall fade, as immense hate take flight.
The earth will rotten from a sacred grove, turning into blight
The sky so blue will fade to gray.
And hundreds' death is everyday.
The earth a dreaded sight.

The sun so bright will turn to black.
The moon stuffed into the devil's sack.
From sane to mad, from mad to sane.
The world will sit and watch in vain.

Beginning to end, end to begining,
god takes no side, cause he sees no winning.
The people shattered, the children dead,
the few who survives will die in dread.

Without moon and light the world will die,
and none left to mourn and cry.

Posted by Ragnar @ 12:28 PM

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though you seem adamant that you don't have much talent i must say i am impressed...off to read somemore...

Posted by Anonymous dragonsvamp @ 1:49 PM #
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