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Monday, August 28, 2006

Do what YOU want, not what THEY want you to.

Dedicated to all Bloggers:

The road you walk, May not be easy.
And your stomach may be queasy.
Your quest have to be kept in mind,
And follow neither before or behind.

The dead do live even after death.
After their so called "last-breath".
But life when there, is not the same.
They know no love, or light, or shame.

The dead do live but in what form?
The sight will cause your brain to storm.
But now I live, and so i think.
The politicians now, of greed they stink.

So keep in mind, your goal still clear.
Or else, you might get lost I fear.
Walk down your road, for your own sake.
Follow others and your world will shake.

Express your feelings, right then and there.
If not, the pain through your brain will sear.
So write it down and spread the word.
And let if fly just like a bird..

© Copyright 2006 Ragnar - The owner of this blog.

Posted by Ragnar @ 7:06 AM

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