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Monday, August 14, 2006

The fakeness of Politics..

Hey, what have you been up to since last time?
Well, for a start, I've been watching the news enough to know that Hizbollah and Israel have entered this state of fake peace, and that both sides claims they've won.
(Israel forces actually murdered 2 Hizbollah activists after the state of peace had begun)
In my opinion most politicians are liars and it seems to me that israel's president is not unlike the biggest part of them.
It can't be hard to say the words "Don't use any military force against Hizbollah activists".
But I'm also sure that Hizbollah is probably preparing for or planning the next attack against israel.
So frankly I do not know whom it is morally correct to support and I confess, I'm not sure I would support any of the sides even then.
Its not as much that I do not know whom to support, its more that I don't support any of any side's actions, but enough about that.
I've also watched the movie Pirates of the Carribean: The Dead Man's Chest at the cinema.
The movie was entertaining, full of surprises, and sometimes extremely funny..
But,(movies always has "but's".. remember that..)the connection was sometimes kinda vague, and I thought the backround story was kinda clishe/pathetic.
I enjoyed the movie anyhow, and would give it a 4,6-7 out of 6.
I've also completed a tag board script thats quite advanced, Its called The Retardus Shout-B and leaves you with the option to use one and the same tag board on multiple pages or multiple tag boards on multiple different pages.
It also has an advanced back end password protected admin area.
So I hope this proves to you I'm not just "some dumb blogger"..
Oh btw. You can find out more about the script here.

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