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Tuesday, August 29, 2006


"Network error,"
"Page does not exist"
"Page has no content"
"Server error"
The list goes ON!
Can anyone tell me WHAT THE HECK is going on ?
AND the countless list of errors repeats itself, by the hour!?!?
Are they trying to rid themselves of all users and make it a paid service or what?

Posted by Ragnar @ 12:58 PM

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Where are the errors occuring? If it's in the blogger network, contact the admins.

Posted by Anonymous reaper @ 2:42 PM #

I am gonna link ya, it be under the newer friends column man.

Posted by Anonymous reaper @ 2:59 PM #

I hate blogger. Those errors are why I went to my own domain. Hosting is $5/month and it's way easier to deal with. Think about making the switch. I love WordPress! Thanks for stopping by my site. : )

Posted by Anonymous Monique @ 6:01 PM #
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