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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Giant Blogs displaced?

Guess what ? Todays post is about Giant Blogs that (has been displaced) (or a huge conspiracy that sets out to control who people vote for) ?/(what do you think?)
Well I was going to surf my "almost-daily" blogsoldiers.com session today, when suddenly, a custom designed Giant blog appeared the Colored lines.
Translations for the more/less technical knowleged of you:
(Giant blogs = Custom designed, member of a blog corporation, amazingly many visitors and commented like hell)
(In between the colored lines = In the blogsoldiers surf frame)
And my first thought was "What the heck is a custom designed, member of a blog corporation, covered with a huge and expencive advertisement skyscraper section doing in Blogsoldiers?
I thought this was where blog started receiving visitors, and hell these guys where probably making their living from it. I did not for one second even consider the option that bloggers receiving 585+ comments on a single post in a single day would even bother surfing 1 page at blogsoldiers, much less spending money on credits here..
585++ comments, imagine all the people visiting that blog daily!
But that's not all..
After this, at least 4 more blogs of exactly the same network appeared on my screen, so what my question is, WHAT ARE THEY DOING HERE ?
Are they being paid by the republicans or democrats to convert more people to their cause ?
(Or am I just being incredibly paranoid?)
Are they trying to control the world through readers?
Are they trying to steal the atteantion from the "little blogs" owned by ancious bloggers?
Or are they simply completely(and amazingly) displaced ?

Posted by Ragnar @ 9:49 AM

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Displaced - and paid for too I suspect . I saw one yesterday with over 1000 comments !

Posted by Blogger MsDemmie @ 5:09 PM #

Hi, just a quick fly by from B.E

I signed onto Blogsoldiers a while back but soon became dissapointed with the whole thing.

It was bad enough landing on those scummy corporate blogs (i really thought it was just me), but another issue i had was the inability to block certain blogs, ie the same five or six that appeared on rotation every visit.

Pfft .. excuse me for the rant ;@)

Anyhoo, as the Governator would say, "I'll be back"

Posted by Blogger Damiel @ 3:45 AM #
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