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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Random Blogs projects.

(No this is not a technical blog for the most part)
But.. Yes.. I made a script.. Hah!
But serious, I made this script as a project to help small blogs get more traffic, by displaying 1 random link on a network of blogs..
It's like charity man..
But for this to work, I need your help.. (YES YOURS!*pointing my long crooked finger at you*)
I need you to click(difficult right?) "add your link" in the "Random Blog Links" section of the sidebar put the Iframe script on your blog, then add your own link :D
I will check the links added daily, and add a confirmation system when I can figure out how to make it fit.
Hopefully, this will cause good but unknown blogs, to receive the amount of readers they deserve.
Example if you can't see it in the Sidebar section:

Posted by Ragnar @ 6:55 AM

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