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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Devil's try.

The sky did fall unto the ground,
as the master of night released his hound,
The prey he sought, was not of men,
but of the ideas that guided them.

Creatures of such ideas fell,
into the killing heat of hell.
Why us ? They thought.
We could have fought,
We could have won, We could have run,
The thought had visited more than one.

Time did pass, as birds did fly.
Walking the eagle had to try,
The sky was black, night and day
Which it was, none could say.

The earth was hell, The humans fell,
The creatures that sought the same as well,
An end to pain, was all they sought.
Ideas, began to be forgot.

As soon it'd come, as soon it went.
The hell on earth, the devil had sent.
The trouble was, the devil thought.
With life destroyed, who would he have fought?

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Posted by Ragnar @ 10:03 AM

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