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Thursday, August 10, 2006

I See Dumb Bloggers!

When I first started blogging all the other bloggers were, at least to some extent, intellectual.
As the days passed however, more and more dumb bloggers popped up, copied someone else's posts, splashed ads all over the blog, and thought that someone would bother to stay long enough to click one ad.
Thus, only the blogs owned by people that was to some extent intellectual, got readers.
After a while though, people started paying attention to the dumb bloggers' babbling and ramblings, so now, every now and then, I see a blog with lots and lots of comments, but when i start reading through the posts, I don't understand why anyone would bother even reading it,
Much less commenting it (unless the comment's sole purpose would be to make fun of the blog and its owner).
These blogs that only posts things other people have written, or with things the owners have edited a word or two in and calls the post their own, and to top that, the whole blog is covered up in ugly ads that scream: "I am an ad!"
So, here is my question, why are people reading these pityful blogs?
Are they dumb too?
Do they read them instead of newspapers?
Or have they simply not seen the posts anywhere else before?

Posted by Ragnar @ 10:38 AM

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hahaha...so true!

welcome to the blog world! I'm new too actually. You'll learn to love it!

Posted by Blogger Vikki @ 9:53 PM #

Agreed, it's funny because it's true!!

Have fun finding the more entertaining blogs :)

Posted by Blogger Amerika Bound @ 3:28 AM #


Posted by Blogger Ragnar @ 2:56 PM #


Posted by Blogger i_am_not_who_i_am @ 12:00 PM #

no ads on my blog, once in a while a shout for my sisters books. but that is to be expected. Faith issues, galore, so beware!

Posted by Blogger David @ 10:58 AM #
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