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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Dusty Blog of The Month Award..

I decided to make my own blog of the month award.
And I am proud to present that this month's winner is Minerva's blog: A woman of many parts..

Because of the quality of her writing and the incredible design..

Dusty Blogs of past months:
*None yet*

Posted by Ragnar @ 11:07 AM

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you chose well, grasshopper! her entire archives must be read, and her life viewed to see what makes a person great in adversity, overcoming n the face of hardship. I salute your blog of the month! three cheers for minerva!

Posted by Blogger David @ 10:53 AM #

As to that I choose well, I KNOW ;) , why else would I bother to award any1?
As to you calling me grasshopper...
Three cheers for her yes:D

Posted by Blogger Ragnar @ 2:20 PM #
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