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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Its official:

That I'm a Blog junkie!

That this blog makes you intellectual:

That i have a personal seal.(DoaDR = Dust on a Dusty Road)

And that these movies are extremely funny:
Ze lord of ze rings:
how it should have ended
Ze Zuperman Returnz:
how it should have ended
how it should have ended
Ztar Warz IV:
how it should have ended
Just a quick break from watching howitshouldhaveended movies ;)

Posted by Ragnar @ 12:15 PM

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It will take me awhile to read all the poems you have. I am also sueing you for stealing my book idea! I be smarted! ......

Just kidding, heh. (Or am I.....?)

Posted by Anonymous reaper @ 2:48 PM #

Are you indeed?
What a mystifying mystery!
Wait, you can have the "Reap" edition eh? ;P
I like the cover though..
I've just caught up with the digital world when it comes to "make your own image without experience" stuff it seems:P
President of the UPD!
(United Posts of Dust on a dusty road)

Posted by Blogger Ragnar @ 2:52 PM #
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